Wednesday, June 15, 2011


"Shoot him in the head."
"Shoot him in the other head."

I never saw that movie even if I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is gorgeous.  Drug dealers, Mafiosi, all that doesn't appeal to me.  Cheap thrills.  Lazy writing.

What's with everyone revealing their medical issues though?  Does it really help anyone who might be bipolar to know that Mrs. Douglas is bipolar?  I've known 2 (possibly 3) bipolar people and part of the problem is not seeing you have a problem even if you are staying up all night with a rifle out the window waiting for the bad guys to come steal your last gunny sack.  So there's something creepy about letting the world into your life like that.  But apparently privacy doesn't have the cachet it once had.  What's a little bipolar issue compared to recording your every bedroom move and uploading it to youtube?

Carrie Fisher is proudly bipolar, too.  And she can tap dance thanks to her mother. 

Let's have a contest and name a Hollywood celebrity who doesn't act out because of a medical condition!
Let's have a contest and caption all Anthony Weiner images!  What's his "disease" that rehab is going to cure?  Did you see the pic of him in tights and a bra?  Oiled up may I add. 

This is what happens when kids are mean to the geek in grade school.  It really screws up their heads bigtime.  Then we all pay for the fun you had in 3rd grade. 

Decide for yourself how serious I am.

The traffic I'm referring to is blog traffic and an awful lot of people are suddenly showing up and I don't know where and I don't know why.  Yes, I looked at the stats.  Even with my math skills it doesn't add up.

So I spent all morning on  photography and now I have to shift gears and get to NLM2.  I'm still trying to figure out how to use the flash as fill.  Why can't you make the flash go off even if the camera doesn't think you need it?  Oh wait.  You can.  Never mind.

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