Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sing A Song of Nikons--Part 2

The question for the weekend is do I get a new camera body.
If money was no object I might go to a Canon EOS5 Mark2.  But if I buy the body and the lens I want which is equivalent to the Nikkor lens I have now, I'm looking at over $3000.  I just don't shoot enough to warrant that.

From what I've read in the reviews, the Nikon D5100 and the D7000 are way up there.  Just tell me about the quality of the image.  I don't care about all the silly bells and whistles.  What's the end result.  One reviewer insists you can get the same quality with the 5100 as the 7000 with less frills.  But going into the specs it seems that the focal reference points are many times greater in the 7000.  I just want to take the picture and be happy.  The 7000 is also partly metal and I think I may feel more at home with that after my two former Nikons that weighed a ton.  Then I can just use the lenses I have if I get a Nikon body.  If I go with the Canon I start from scratch.

That's the conundrum.  For anyone interested it looks like Abe's of Maine has the best prices.  I might not do anything.  I have a very hard time making my mind up on issues that don't have much impact.

I don't know what's happening with NLM.  Could be something, might not be anything.  And that's beside the movie option interest.

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