Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Agents As Facilitators

The big non-news of the week.  Some agents have decided to jump up on the fence and semi-embrace ebooks.  They are going to help *their* clients negotiate the treacherous waters of epublishing and assist in getting cover art, formatting and whatever whatever.  While assuring everyone they are not unembracing legacy publishing where they will still work to get the best deals possible for *their* clients.

Well, all this is very nice, isn't it, and doesn't change a thing for the rest of us.  It's still about the elitist club of agents and authors deigned by legacy publishing to be good enough for paper.  But now they see that paper tower collapsing so they want in on what they weren't able embrace earlier.  For 15% in perpetuity.

Where are the legitimate and honest and experienced people who want to help digital writers?  No no I know there are plenty of people out there willing to take noobies to the cleaners.  And there are even some legitimate artists and editors trying to get work.  I don't know who those people are and I don't know how to find them besides the normal slog thru google method of finding anything.

Digital is a free-for-all at the moment.  It's like the California Gold Rush.

I feel stupid repeating the same thing.  Write the best book you can.  Produce the best book you can.  It will matter.  Eventually.  Maybe not today or even this year.  Do your best work even if it winds up only being for you.

I decided to do another cookbook since I am doing so many photos for NLM2.  Even though I have done 2 (possibly 3) cookbooks for legacy publishing, they don't want me now.  I don't have a restaurant or a TV show.
This is true.  You need a platform of some kind.  You need to already be famous in some way.  I'm not.  Okay fine.  I got to do it twice (possibly 3) and that was a life accomplishment.

Wow.  I just had a very bizarre idea for NLM2.  Sheesh.  Okay.

I can only speak for me but it took about 5 years to come up with that idea.  I'm not saying every book needs to take 5 years but what I'm suggesting is that you give yourself time to think about your story.  Rushing to finish for the sake for finishing will not serve anyone well.

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