Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice

Yes it's summer.  I can't tell by the weather.  I can't tell by the garden.

A number of people have told me I should get into designing ebook covers but frankly I don't want to do that.
I am entertaining the idea of doing the art, though, which could be purchased and people would put their own title on it.  Or I could for an added fee.  (Like it's not going to make me rich either way since I'd never be brazen enough to ask $200.)  What I don't want to do is...

My BFF Allen was an illustrator.  He was wonderful, so talented.  We were at the same points in our careers at the same time so that was a lot of fun.  I remember him coming back from a NYC publisher/art director with his huge piece of art that must have taken him a hundred hours to paint, if not more.  He said to me "They want more purple."

I don't want to do that.  You can take the piece as is or not.  But I'm not adding more purple.  It will be 1000 px X 1500 px though and if anyone wants to go to resize.com and "fix" it, they are welcome to do so.

This is what I've been playing around with for the last couple days.  I've learned an important lesson since I got the D7000.  When I was a photography major you were expected to do everything in the camera/on the film because there wasn't the technology to do much in the darkroom.  Now it's the exact opposite.  If you can just bring back an image that's in "focus" then you do everything with software.  I admit to ambivalence.  It's cool and it's a different way of doing "photography" but I don't know that it's photography.  If photography is going out and getting an image of something in the real world so people can know what that is, then this new thing isn't really that.

Yes, this is a photograph I actually took that was of something organic and you would recognize if you saw it.  Using the computer, it was transformed into something unrecognizable yet totally cool.


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