Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fat Lady Sings a Song of Nikons

I decided that the weekend photo shoot would push me to make the choice of holding what I've got or
getting a new body.  And the results were really just so disappointing that I sent for the D7000 body.
It shouldn't be that hard to get a somewhat decent shot of a couple mangos and the D70 even with the tripod
and Vibration Reduction lens couldn't manage it.  The conditions here were not ideal and I had better results last week but I'm tired/bored of trying so hard.  And because all my attention is on this, it's not on NLM2.  If time is money, I'm throwing money away trying to get this thing to work.

I got the body for a good enough deal that if I am not happier with it, I can sell it on Amazon for the same money.  For all the praising reviews, it should be great.

Why don't I just pay the $150 for the marvelous pastry shot from Helen McSweeney and be done with it?  I guess because I started my adult life as a photographer and having a good camera is the norm.  And I want to take the bloody cover shot myself!

Wow.  I just found out there is someone giving classes in blogging.  And marketing yourself through your blog.
Hang on.  Let me try to be serious about a response to this because my first reaction is "You're kidding, right?"

Let me see if I can find a jailable offense embed.  Be right back.

That's what I think.  We've been marketed to the brink of death already.  I don't want anyone selling anything, including themselves to me.  I don't care if you come here and don't buy my books or don't read my books.  I'm here to talk about ebooks, digital and legacy publishing.  If you want to listen, that's fine.  If you're not coming here, that's fine too.

I'll say it again.  People ask me about marketing.  I don't do it.  I don't like doing it.  I never have.  The way it's always worked for me is that I tell other people about a great story with all the passion I can muster.  I don't worry about making sense, having a thru-line, or being professional/tamped down.  The passion and belief I have in any project is real, it existed before the project and exists after the project because it was worthy of my time (and the audience's).  I believe in it because it's important. 

When I was on the phone with the agent this week, and God bless her for being able to follow my incoherence, she asked "What's this book about?"  I said "Too many Jews and not enough shoes."  "Is it about the brash kind of Jews?"  "NO!"  And that's when the torrent was unleashed.  Everything I believe was fit into the next two minutes and none of it had to do with writing but it is all in the book.

If that's not enough, I don't have any more to give.

You have to be sincere.  This is not life by the numbers.  You can't follow the rules someone else came up with.
What works for Konrath isn't going to work for me.  What works for Amanda Hocking isn't for everyone.  What works for me is the most authentic me I can be.

It's not about shoes.

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