Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Legacy Pricing on Ebooks

This is obscene!

Dessert University: More Than 300 Spectacular Recipes and Essential Lessons from White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier


$40.00 List Price
(Save 31%)

NOOK Book (eBook)


Okay so it's a large book.  I guess we're paying for the paper.  Wait.  The hardcover is less expensive.

There is no way I'm paying $30 for a book that doesn't exist outside my Nook.

I could go into a longish discussion about movie prices.  A hundred years ago filmmakers produced movies and for 5 cents you were given THE EXPERIENCE of seeing this very unusual moving picture thing.  Hollywood got very very rich on providing only the experience.  You go see a movie.  You don't take it home with you.  You barely remember it.  You're paying for the experience.

And it used to be a glorious experience because you were seeing the movie shown in a marvelous theater on the huge screen it was designed to be seen on.

Now you see movies made to be seen on your TV.  They're smaller in actual visual field.  Because they won't fit on the TV.  So you don't care if you pay $10 for a DVD of the damn thing.  It's crap anyway.  It's not art.

I was at some forum and there was a post about Sourcecode (huh?) being the best movie evah!  Wow.  Better than Citizen Kane?  Better than Gone With the Wind?  Better than The Crowd?  I could name 50 movies from every decade in film history that have to be better than Sourcecode.  Which I never freaking heard of until that post.

I digress.

I don't want to pay for the experience of a book.  I want the book or I want the experience at a HUGE discount.
$30?  They're nuts.

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