Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Washes Ashore

In the floods

Sheri Anderson used to be the headwriter at Days Of Our Lives.  During her tenure, to say I was impressed with her storytelling would be minimizing my reaction.  I finally had the occasion  to meet one of the writers on the show and discussed it.  She said "Every day was like a Friday show."  The story went by so fast.  And it was inventive.

This morning I learned she's written 2 books based on Days, they're both available digitally, the first is free.  I rushed right over to BN to download my copy and I don't know, it's supposed to be in my library but it's not.  For hours it's not so I wrote to ask.  I don't feel like BN has their act together yet.

There have been a few ex-soap writers who went on to books.  I don't remember their names now.  I don't mean me.  I went from books *to* daytime then back again.  I bugged the suits because they said they felt like my attitude was always "Hey, I can go back to books."  Which was true but...

The switching up until now was a dubious proposition as I've said before.  I was accused of writing "soapy" for years.  Heck, maybe I still would be if I had my TV credits on my resume.  It will be interesting to read Sheri's novel.

I read Melissa Nathan's Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Fields over the last 24 hours.  I wanted to like it but didn't for purely personal reasons.  It was very much based on the Jane Austen book but Lizzie Bennet wasn't so mean-spirited and rude.  Maybe she was for the time but it doesn't come across that way now.  Maybe in 200 years Jasmin won't come across as a right little bitch but to me, now, she does.  Typical chicklit book where the main character is a bitch and that's supposed to prove she's a strong woman.

Screw that.

I started Thomas Greanias' 2nd book in the Atlantis series and this one is much better for me/my spartan imagination.

I love this commercial.  Yes, it reminds me of the Bad Apple series,  but imagine a world where this would be commonplace.  How wonderful!

"Where's Tru?!"
"I thought he was with you!"
"Steve, go get him!"
And there's Tru, at the piano.
Of course he wouldn't have been caught dead at any age playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I love this commercial anyway

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