Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazon Adopts Epub---or Something

There's an article--I'm sorry I can't make heads or tails out of it really but maybe you can.
Amazon allows epub

Epub is a format adopted by many companies/devices.  Mobi is an Amazon aberration.  This reminds me of  iTunes which was so bloody proprietary that I had to pay like 3 different times for my favorite Ramsey Lewis song.  I eventually got a convertor program to put it into mp3.  I have refused to go back there ever since (years)--way to please customers!

Bezos is in the same position.  He's been insisting on a format that will never be adopted as industry standard.  Why do I know that?  Because tablet computers don't use it and more and more people are realizing a dedicated reader is stupid when you can have a computer for nearly the same price that will do lots of things and you can play Angry Birds on it.  Sure there is Kindle for Android, can we make life more simple instead of more complicated?   Overdrive, the library lending program, uses epub. 

This is like the Betamax/VHS war.  VHS won.  (And that's dead now, too, word to the wise, pal.)  Bezos has won the war, he owns ebooks.  Give in on the skirmish, adopt epub and dump mobi.

But that's not what this article seems to be attempting to convey.  (Oh, a review.  Remind me to talk about that after this part)  What the article says is that 4 publishers were given the green light to submit in epub format.
Who freaking cares?  You can submit in doc or html now.  What is the benefit for *submitting* in epub and then having it sold in mobi?  I don't get the greatness of this.

The article then goes on to hint about Overdrive.  Somehow Amazon will accommodate Overdrive's need for epub by the end of the year.  What does that mean?  What I don't want to see is a buffet of formats available to Amazon like at Smashwords.  It's stupid, it's cluttered and it's unnecessary.  Going forward let's all be epub.  I don't know how they solve the current devices that require mobi problem--that's what coders are on earth for.  I write the books, let them figure out how to make them available to a vast audience. 

If Amazon is going to support epub, does that mean I can use my Nook Color to buy books at Amazon?  Or is it just that Kindles will read epub format?  

So BN is going to release Nook Color 2 this month or something and Amazon is gonna ...not have color and stick with mobi or something.  It's sort of non-news unless I should have had my secret decoder ring and figured out what the article was really saying.

Anyway, if you'll recall I got 2 feral reviews for Sweeps in the past weeks.  I really felt like "Did you read MY book?"  I couldn't understand.  I seem to be having this problem a lot!  Yesterday I (and I don't want to look at the pages anymore, and I don't want to look at reviews) wound up seeing Sweeps had gotten another review.  Being a weak woman, I looked.

5.0 out of 5 stars masterpiece, May 18, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sweeps (Kindle Edition)
A complex tale of the clash between two opposites - who deeply attract each other.
If you like fine writing, word play, emotion, then this is for you.

So it's kinda weird to see this next to 2 reviews that essentially call me an idiot who threw words at the computer in order to cheat them out of 99 cents.

Here's the Ramsey Lewis song.  I did a beautiful vid for it which youtube quickly yanked off and threatened me with jail time etc.  I guess someone changed their mind because here it is now.  Maybe I should try uploading mine again.  Like I have nothing else to do.

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