Monday, May 16, 2011

The Stuff

I was reminded of one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies this morning at the supermarket.  I have fallen in love with a new brand of yogurt and there was none of my favorite flavor in the case.  I turned to the young man who seemed to be in charge of all things dairy and said "Do you have any black cherry?"   He said "I think I do."  And there was a case right there on his handtruck thing.  He was going to open the box and I practically shouted "Give me the case!"  It was a double score because it was on sale this week, too.  Non-fat.  Thick.  Best.  Yogurt.  Ever.

So here's the trailer.  The movie is about a yogurt-like substance that oozes out of the ground.  It's good for you.
You'll lose weight.  You'll never be tired again.  But as Michael Moriarty says at the end "Are you eating it or is it eating you?"

You can go to youtube and watch the entire movie in 9 parts which I of course recommend as I have a dvd of it and watch it frequently.  It's funny, endearing, stupid, well-written, quotable, well-acted, preposterous and even a bit like The Blob.  The commercial jingles are terrific.  The Bloom Brothers are gorgeous.  Embedding has been disabled so if all I can persuade you to do is go watch part 9, then please do and you'll know how I felt carrying the case of Chobani out with me just an hour ago.  Then throwing a bag over it on the passenger seat when I passed a state trooper on the way home, furtively trying to hide my treasure.  (No, sillies, no bag but I did pass a trooper as I was rolling through a stop sign.  How about you put the stop sign where drivers can actually see up the road.)

The Stuff part 9

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