Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon Is Very Clever

I was just over there to do a tweak on my tags.  I'd love to get people to stop thinking of NLM as chicklit.  Why?  Because all the chicklit I've read is fluff and I don't write fluff.  I think it misleads readers but I don't know that tags will help me.

But this new thing will.  As I scrolled down I noticed a new (to me) section called Highlights.  Yes, it's a little unnerving but you turn it on or off at will.  As a reader is reading, they can highlight passages of the book.  If you have it turned on, your Kindle phones home and sends that information back to Amazon Zentral.  If enough readers do this, it'll go on this Highlights section on the book's page.

As I read through, I was actually quite impressed with the passages readers had highlighted.  They were all salient and significant.  It wasn't the jokes, these were meaningful thoughts.   As John Locke would say these people are my audience.  I don't have to guess--having these comments pulled from the book by readers and made available on the book's page are a selling tool that easily negates thoughtless reviews.  You want to know what the book is about, here ya go.  Thank you, Amazon!

I checked with a couple other books in the ribbon of "People who looked at this also looked at" and the few I checked didn't have a highlights section.  You have to have a certain number before it can happen for you.  So that's cool that I crossed the threshold with at least 1 book.

I'd like to point you to what John Locke has to say about bad reviews which I found helpful.
John Locke on Bad Reviews

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