Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nook Color

My Nook Color arrived yesterday and a couple hours later, the WiFi modem so I could connect to B&N and get the thing registered.  I was a bit annoyed that you had to do that first.  That's quite an assumption for them to make that either everyone who wants a NC also has WiFi or lives within a few minutes of a B&N store.  Not where I live.  This is rural.  Why can't you register it with your computer?

Anyway there's not much point in me reviewing it since there are a ton of reviews out there already.  I didn't really want a reader.  I don't like gadgets, I don't like things cluttering up my life more than it is already.  I truly dislike reading a lot of material on the computer so knew that the reader was just a lot smaller computer screen in a different shape and could see no earthly purpose beside checking formatting why I would *need* this thing.

If you want a summation of my reaction to it after about an hour reading Pride and Prejudice, this will probably tell you a lot.  I got on the computer and wrote to my writer pal "Who needs paper books anymore?"

The greatness of the Nook Color cannot be overstated.  I know there are nitpickers who find fault with it (everything) I'm not so much like that.  If things do what they're supposed to do, I'm happy.  The NC nailed it.
There's an upgrade coming in another week or so, I don't know what that gives us besides an email client.  There is a way to hack (root) the NC to turn it into the tablet it actually is--the hardware is all there, it's just the software that isn't.  That way you get all the Android apps including Kindle for Android which makes it possible to access the Kindle store.

Even if you didn't do this you can still watch movies on the thing.  The colors are crisp and beautiful.  The screen is great.  People bitch bitch bitch about the LCD.  It didn't bother me.  The touch screen is like magic (yeah I know but I don't have a cell phone).

Anything comparable in technology will wind up costing you at least 2X more which is why geeks are flocking to this and immediately rooting it.  Of course it's not a phone and doesn't have a camera.

NLM is doing well, unbelievably well.  Tess Gerritsen momentarily unseated me from my #2 position yesterday but I'm back.  In what universe could I have ever competed with Tess Gerritsen or James Patterson before digital?  It's in the low 300s as of this morning.  I didn't think that was possible.  Is it possible to break into the top 100???

This is what my NC looks like now but since my Nikon wouldn't cooperate, I had to do it in Photoshop. Close tho

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