Friday, April 29, 2011

A Good Way To End The Week

We've had floods, I thought we were going to have a tornado (about 2 miles down the road, they've been hit twice in the last 10 years), I have a bad tooth, those 2 reviews leaving me confused and all it's done is rain.

But Mrs. Awiggins, who I was pretty sure was dead, came back today.

And NLM achieved its highest ranking ever!

I was going to say something about a Mary Martin movie I saw years ago.  I can't tell you what the title was.  She played a dance teacher who knew 2 steps more than her students.  When they caught up to her she'd have to go to Dallas (whatever) and go learn 2 more steps.

Here's my advice.  Don't learn anything from someone like that.  A lot of people are well-meaning but clueless about their own abilities to teach.  Find someone with a lot of experience.  I don't want you steered wrong.

My pal Jack Douglas who was a famous comedy writer for decades had a saying "Those who can, do.  Those who can't, don't."  If your teacher isn't doing maybe they're just not that good.

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