Sunday, April 10, 2011


Now that I've had my Nook Color for a few days now, I have no smarter things to say about it. It's great.  I added a couple videos to it.  You turn it to landscape mode and it's a beautiful thing to behold.  No, don't bother going outside in the sun, you can't see a thing--Kindle wins that round.  I'll just stay in the shade of the apple tree.

I did remove the gelaskin from the back because it was just so slippery and I'm so clumsy I was concerned I'd drop it.  Peeling it off was no problem and I stuck it back on the sheet the thing came with and am sure I can use it in the future.  No, it didn't leave sticky residue.  The Nook comes with a rubberized back and that was a smart design choice.  I suppose if you have a cover or a case for it, it doesn't matter but I don't have a case yet.  I kept the front skin on and it's beautiful.

There are too many software programs that supposedly help you convert or tweak files.  I still don't get Sigil.  I use Expression Web for all things html.  Longtime readers of this blog know I love that.  For conversion, Calibre does everything.  You don't need anything else and it's freeware.  I had downloaded a PDF copy of a mystery by Craig Rice some months ago.  She's supposed to be so good and witty.  (Yes, she, it's a pen name.)

I just hate reading on screen so much, I couldn't force myself to read it.  I used Calibre to convert it into epub and add the real cover above to the file.  That's how it appears in the Nook library--very nice.

I found somewhere a mobi converter as well as a pdf to epub converter.  Don't bother.  Calibre is sufficient for all your needs.

Not Low Maintenance continues to attract buyers.  I still think they're hording rather than reading it.  I thought it'd hit 1000 in sales this month sometime around noon today but it probably was midnight.  So that was 153 copies in 24 hrs.

I've had some pretty exciting moments in my career but this is leaving me stunned since I never thought about numbers like this.  I hoped to find an audience (Shout out to C. Williams, you are too sweet) but to attach numbers to that isn't me.  For me with dyscalcula, the numbers are now too high (and too many of them) for me to easily process.  I can see the number is getting larger but I can't really compare it to where it was earlier.  I have to open the calculator to do that.

When I looked in the romance category, NLM (in the top 100 whatever it was)  is really something of an outlier or odd duck.  It just doesn't belong with all those very traditional romances.  Amazon really needs a Women's fiction category and I think I'll email them and say so.

What also surprises me is that some writers still cling to the traditional publishing route.  Even when they're being abused and rejected, they won't listen to me or consider digital is a possibility for them.  I felt sorry for a woman this week whose publisher took 22 months to reject her book.  She seemed to be on the verge of tears in her post asking what can she do now with this book specifically written to the specs of this publisher and now they've turned it down.

I said getting rejected was like getting a get out of jail free card.  Now instead of no possibilities, all the possibilities are open to her.  Nah.  What I was saying was such ...fantasy,  she didn't even respond to me.
I felt sorrier for her.

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