Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Gatekeepers And Why They're Not Morally Up To The Task

This is going to be PG-18 or 38, I'm not sure, so everyone subject to queasy stomachs when confronted with vile material, go to and see lovely photos of food.

For the rest of us, that "marvelous" writer/liar James Frey has a new book out titled The Final Testament of The Holy Bible.  Here's the review in the Guardian (I didn't even mockingly call it the Grauniad)  Feel free to go read it if you'd like.

Here's a quote from the review:

This current crock of mendacity is a "high-concept" fabrication, artlessly crass in its retelling of what's meant to be the greatest story ever told. Christ returns to Earth, to get us ready for the annihilation of our vile, belligerent species. Renamed Ben Zion, he joins a band of apocalyptic loons who hole up in the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan. His divinity seems to be proved when he miraculously survives an accident on a building site after a sheet of glass punctures his skull and severs his arteries. He communes with his heavenly father during epileptic seizures, and gathers around him a gaggle of hapless apostles, to whom he preaches drippy sermons about peace. He licks and laps the genitalia of his female acolytes, disseminating celestial bliss in their nether regions; bouts of tantric sex follow, along with vegetarian love-ins at a rural commune.

This is disgusting and obnoxious, vile, stupid, sick and deranged.  That about covers James Frey.  Except one question.  If you're brave enough to tackle Jesus, Mr. Frey, will you make Mohammed the centerpiece of your next novel?  If not, why not?

I just wasted more of my valuable life on this piece of excrement than I should have.  On to the real topic.

Why was this published?  Let's go for the obvious reason--to make money.  Fine.  But still WHY?  
What is a gatekeeper?  They are supposed to keep the crap from getting through the gate.  So they don't think this is crap.  You take the life of a holy man, the teachings that surround this person have over two thousand years contributed to the civilizing process of the world, and you debase this person and his believers in the most vulgar means possible. 

Try that with Mohammed.  A couple cartoons resulted in deaths world-wide and death threats against the cartoonists.  Yale didn't have the courage to publish the cartoons in a book ABOUT the cartoons because they were worried about fatwas.  They think they've got a good head on their shoulders and would like to keep it that way.

But it makes people in publishing and the media giddy to do this to Christians.  Plus it's safe, right?  Anything good and decent and traditional is to be mocked and torn down, savaged by these hyenas.  They are the gatekeepers. They know what's good for us because we are too stupid to know for ourselves.  So they push this trash at us, trash of all kinds, poor writing, shallow, superficial, inconsequential insisting it's good until most of us don't know the good from the dreck anymore.  They don't know.  Most of them don't.  They don't know they're tearing down the best society the world has ever seen, to be replaced by moral anarchy.  Yippee!

I know.  Not a week goes by that I don't take a shot or two at publishing.  "Why be so angry?"  This is why.

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