Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kindle With Ads for $114

That doesn't seem like such a bargain price to have damnable ads on your homescreen.  Hack around that in available in 5...4...3...

$99 maybe.  OR $114 plus a free book priced at 99 cents every month or something.

Over at Buy.com today they have an excellent deal on Kingston (good brand) micro sd cards 8 gb with an adapter which you need to be able to insert the tiny thing into your computer or card reader and free shipping for about $12.  So I ordered one.

The Nook comes with 8 gb storage so this doubles it or it gives me the ability to root the Nook.

The best vid for rooting the Nook Color

The upgrade is coming (in slow motion) but I have read that it won't include the app Kindle for Android (Did I get that switched???) which is my whole purpose of wanting to root the thing to begin with.  I like B&N (less this month than Dec.) but Amazon does seem to have a more extensive selection.  Without the Android for Kindle app the Nook can't access ... big freaking annoyance.  Be Brave B&N ("Barnes is a great guy but I've heard Noble is a real prick"--Billy Crystal in Analyze This or That who cares.)  Let us access the Kindle store.  Make Bezos look like a coward.  You already blew past him with color.

I finished reading a recently (2010?) published mystery, maybe it's a cozy, it's more Chicklit than that so I don't know what it is classified as.  I won't give the name or the author because it's not my intention to be mean in public.

I couldn't follow it.  The tying  together of all the loose ends at the conclusion, well, that ain't happening.

What I find objectionable about chicklit is that the main character is so bloody self-centered and this amateur sleuth was that in spades.  I really started to hate her and I'm trying to remember if she was that horrible in Book 1 and I ignore it or she got this way over the last couple books.

What the real problem is, I think, that the idea was thin to begin with.  So there was page after skimmable page of filler/nonsense to fill up the book because you have to hit an arbitrary word count or something.  We had a hippie ex war vet or something.  We had the obligatory gay couple.  We had an obligatory earnest young black girl.  We had an obligatory female abuser.  We  had the totally expected political rhetoric clumsily injected in to make us sure Ms Author was in with the in-crowd.  There was a story line that was left hanging completely.

Some novels may just be short.  My first editor, a fine and wise and well-respected woman Jean Karl, said a book is as long as it takes to tell the story.  Having required word counts shouldn't be a factor in digital books.  Digital should be an improvement over the way paper is managed.  Traditional publishing is a tyranny.  It's run by people who make decisions based on nothing concrete, completely whimsical.

Early on in my digital career I was told by someone who sells at lot more copies than I ever will (I'm sure!) that my books are too short.  People are paying 99 cents and they want something as long as War and Peace.  I don't think so.  And the book I read yesterday is the reason why.  I can get the story told without fluff and filler.
Maybe readers want that now.  Maybe they want to prolong the experience of sitting there with the characters.  Yeah I understand.  I love Neal and Truly too.  That's why there's a Bad Apple 3.

I've never been good at following orders.  If you tell me I have to do something to conform, my inner mechanism grinds to a halt.  I'm surprised that so many people consider themselves free-spirits and buckle to authority figures all the time.  I'd rather do something my way and risk failing, than doing what everyone else is doing successfully or not.

No shoes, no water bugs in the future.

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