Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Day

(It has to be said like the Vicar of Dibley, aka Dawn French)
But even if not, I received the 2nd half of the advance (2 months late as far as I'm concerned.  When exactly is "upon publication"?) for Love In The Air.  I wanted to get a book or something.  Under $50 splurge certainly, under $10 even better.

I wound up ordering a Nook Color.  I would have (probably) waited for the Kindle Color but Bezos can't see his way clear to giving us a hint when that will be released.  I've been thinking about a Samsung Galaxy for months,  It's very similar to the Nook but twice as costly.  iPad is too expensive and has too many bells and whistles.  I can get a notebook computer or something for $400 and it'll do all that.  Except I guess it won't be a phone.  But since I make about 3 phone calls a month, it's not a drawback for me.

There's a skin place in Toronto that lets you design your own for all these gadgets.  I think that's terrific fun.

Of course there are some of us here who would equate that with the whole designing your cover.  Well, use someone else's cover or artwork,  you don't have to do it.  Use a book cover you love.  There's a fantasy writer who does his own art for his own books.  Michael something's his name.  Guy's a genius.  If I track the name down, I'll mention it.

The other big thing is that sales are holding, the ranks are holding at Amazon.  I still don't know what triggered it.  I started March with great sales for NLM thinking boy, if I could average 10 a day!  Now I'm averaging about 60 a day.

I went to check on the rankings and was shocked to see there was another review.  Obviously my chant didn't work "No new reviews.  No new reviews."  I wasn't going to look but I saw there was a 1/2 star extra.  (Remember the last girl said this wasn't a good book to read if you were dieting, that was 4 stars. 1 star off for high butterfat content.)  That meant it had to be fairly positive.  It was lovely.  So thank you, Miss Williams, you made my day.

5.0 out of 5 stars loved this book!, April 3, 2011
C. Williams (Roseville, CA United States) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Not Low Maintenance (Kindle Edition)
I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and want to read more by this author.
It was funny, and the love story was very sweet.

I guess that pretty much delineates the kind of books I write now.  Nice people finding each other.

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