Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dots Per Insanity

Okey Dokey.  I spent 6 hours tweaking the images for Summer Horse.  CreateSpace sends me a note that goes something like "Well you can have this printed the way you sent it in but it's gonna look like total crap since you didn't follow our instructions.  Hey dummy, we said 300 DPI not the 140 you gave us."

In what universe isn't 300 300?  Maybe it has to do with the fitting the image onto the page because I took that image you can see and put it directly onto the page.  Then yes, I had to compress it to fit.  Maybe that ruined it.  I have no idea.
So I went with the 15 minute fix, took out all the images except the last one, left in a bunch of blank pages and said "It's good enough for government work."

No I did not say that.  It was far superior to anything the government would do.

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