Sunday, September 9, 2012

Worst Blogs and/or Websites

Black backgrounds.

Am I right?  Almost impossible to read.  If they used a bold type font in white, it would be better but they never think of that.  Sometimes they even use yellow.  I've seen blue.  I never bother to struggle I just leave.

Is there a hidden meaning in the choice of a black background?

Someone more knowledgeable about digital book sales than I assured me Christmas themed works sell well.
Great!  I need something that will sell!  Does it have to be a romance????  Yes.  Okay.  Thinking cap on.  Okay.  I'll cobble together a couple ideas that weren't happening and use them in concert and have a Christmas tale to tell.

I finished Bittersweet 1 and instead of jumping right into something with "meaning", I decided to do Christmas.  Oh yeah, I am so there.  And before 1000 words were written, I had the whole thing turned on its head.  But I like it so I'll have to finish it.  It'll be a novella so it won't be that time consuming.  Part of the time consuming is I'm making the mistake of attempting to illustrate it to some degree.  If only I could draw!    I do have pine cones left over from last year so I could take photos but I don't think that will work. 

So if you were wondering what I was doing and why I didn't show up here for a week, I was writing and designing and having other things happening that were very distracting.

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