Thursday, September 20, 2012

D600 First Test Shot

It's not just a little bit better than the d7k, it's a lot better.

This is a raw image, taken with a 40mm Nikkor macro lens.

Unfortunately, it almost impossible to see on a blog/website how stunningly sharp this is.

It's basically the d7k body, a little bigger but not very.  It feels the same in the hand as to weight.  The buttons are all in relatively the same places.  It takes the same battery.  I took the chip and the battery out of the d7k when the 600 arrived so I could just go out and shoot.

It's happy with an FX lens or a DX which is framed in the viewfinder so you'll know how cropped down the image is.

I know there are nitpicky little things some people will glom onto and complain about but if you just want to go out and shoot and get a fantastic image, this camera will do it.  I don't know about shooting in caves or sporting events or hanging upside down off the Eiffel Tower--those people probably wouldn't be happy with anything.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used D7k?  I'll include the 55-200 zoom.

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