Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Thought Dump

August was a much better month for Kobo sales.  They still have a way to go on their basics like navigation.
I like knowing where the sale was but big blue blobs on the map are an interesting graphic but simply having it in text
Dream Horse-Canada
would be fine.
I like how BN does it.  It tells you what sold that day.
Unfortunate there's no running total.  We need the both.  What just sold TODAY and what is the MONTH total.
Has no one mentioned this to them?

I'm doing all the clean up work on Mounted.  No idea what I'll do next.  Eenie-meenie-mynie-mo would be as good as making a decision.

Isn't traditional publishing ridiculous?  Well ridiculous until they offer me a 6 figure deal, which they won't so I can very easily say they've become something bizarre and anachronistic.

The new Nikon D600 will likely be announced at some big shindig called Photokina on Sept 13.  The waiting list will stretch into next year.

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