Tuesday, September 25, 2012

People are Strange

Not when you're a stranger--I could find that song, it's by The Doors, right?--people can appear to be fine and then they surprise you by coming off the rails.

I had someone stalk me once.  Luckily not in a threatening way but it made me understand how easy it was for this person to lose their handle on clear thinking.  In the throes of this behavior, it makes sense.  All it requires is to step off the path and then everything else can be viewed through another prism.

No, this rumination is not apropos of nothing but that's the end of the rumination.

D600 w/ 40 mm

The D600 is an extraordinary camera.  From a technical standpoint, I'm not smart enough to know how the D4 is appreciably better for 4 X the price.  As I understand it, it's a more substantial body that can take being in the field better.

Yes I did drop my F once and that pretty much would have meant sending it into Nikon Repair but it was stolen a couple hours later so I never got the chance to know if it could have survived it.  I'm not on a safari or climbing Mt. McKinley.  I think my equipment is pretty safe.

From a personal standpoint, I took this photo, cropped it and uploaded it.  Even as wonderful as I thought the D7k was, I always threw some sharpening on it.  I would bump clarity, contrast and blacks.  (There's my secret revealed.)  What's here is an unprocessed image.  I'm not interested in trying to improve it.  I think this is good and leave it alone.

Maybe not every shot can be left so alone but it shouldn't be my responsibility to do what the camera's supposed to do.

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