Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nikon D600

I actually don't know when it was formally released today or on the 11th but at any rate, today is the day I pre-ordered it from Amazon.  Why Amazon and not BH Photo?  Because I've returned stuff to Amazon before and it's really easy.  They're supposed to start shipping on the 18th but who knows how many people are ahead of me in the queue.

As with any Nikon all lenses will fit although older lenses will not be metered or have auto focus.  After I've said that I can tell you I have a Nikon lens that absolutely does not work on my D7k.  So YMMV.

My 40mm DX will work and my 85 FX 1.8 definitely will work so I got the body only.  It was still much more than the $1500 bandied about earlier in the year.

I'll take a bunch of test shots and if I don't fall in love, back it goes.

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