Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nothing Serious

Disconnected/Paige, Turning/Nothing Serious.

There's something about this book people are not getting.  It's a very cute story.  It was with a publisher before I asked for it back.  I'm not sorry I didn't let them go forward with it and I still think, eventually, it will find an audience.  I like the cover image.  So did an editor I sent it to.  I'm not sure how much difference a cover makes.  If it's attractive, shouldn't that work?  I don't have the answer.  Would I be better off with a naked male torso like someone assured me?

That brings up the question/problem I have.  Should a cover have ANYTHING to do with the book?  Yeah maybe naked men sell books but if there are no semi-nude men in the book, isn't that a misrepresentation?  I took the sex scene out for the publisher and I didn't bother to put it back.  It wasn't all hot and steamy anyway.  I'm rather embarrassed by these invasions of privacy.  (Which is why I'm not racing to deal with Fling.)

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