Monday, October 18, 2010

Being Out There

We all want to think of ourselves as different and we are.  Some of us are just more different, we are out of the mainstream, there is something about us that sets us apart and keeps us there.

Lest you think I am speaking of myself, let me tell you about an actor I met at one of the soaps I worked on.  He was then and continues to be so handsome.  He is so almost beautiful in real life, that I could hardly speak coherently to him.  (Isn't that embarrassing!)  This man is so talented, has so much depth, so much in reserve to draw upon, he isn't interested in working all that much.  He already knows the truth about this business and intellectually it's a bore.  Whenever he decides he wants to work, someone will hire him between the first and second breath.  He's not like anyone else.  You know that standing next to him.  You know he is going places in his head, you couldn't follow with GPS on a fast motorcycle.  I wonder what he does during the day. 

I wonder if digital publishing will enable niche writers to find their niche readers or are we just going to have more vampire stories.  Having learned the lesson of homogenizing everything at the feet of big entertainment, will anyone be experimental or will we just wind up with exactly more of the same?

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