Friday, October 15, 2010

B&N--This Joint Is Jumping

First off, if anyone is visiting here from Ukraine, a big hello.

B&N is the place to be, and their royalties are better as well.  The drawback is there are no humans answering questions, all you get are cheery robo-replies to any question.  For instance, Not Low Maintenance went to B&N via Smashwords.  Smashwords only allows a 400 character description.  I unpublished from Smash and uploaded NLM to B&N myself complete with the same description from Kindle.  No change.  So I wrote Support to ask what could be done.  I got a welcome letter that had nothing to do with the issue.  I guess the lesson to be learned is don't try to change anything, get it right the first time.

"I heard Barnes is great but Noble is a real prick."--Billy Crystal in Analyze This.
Very good line even if completely untrue!

Here's the incomparable Fats Waller

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