Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Low Maintenance, Not Live

It was inevitable.  The wrong file got uploaded to Amazon but unlike Smashwords, it takes days before you can do anything about it.  But I figured there would be a problem so didn't really imagine the book would be available this week--hopefully this weekend.  They really do need a better system for "reviewing" books, whatever that means.

I changed the cover slightly, going from blue text to purple then removed the drop shadows and put the null sign under the text.  Again like with Disconnected, Maintenance is too long a word to design easily around when you're thinking thumbnail.  The simpler and bolder the "cover" the better.  Which means I suppose that both NLM and Kate will be redesigned sooner rather than later.

I added an illustration for each chapter and ended with Bel's recipe for Lemon Barcellos.  I can't make the book sing and dance, tho.

The new camera lens arrived and is a noticeable improvement in quality over the kit lens.  Now all I need are a couple apples to fool around with and I can work on the Sweet Cider art.

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