Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nice Treat

This is for my old war horse,  Impossible Charlie/The So Impossible Horse, at amazon uk.

Charlie was a real horse.  I got him from a lovely young girl who was going off to college.  They had been a team, best friends and Charlie never cared about anyone else but Sindy.  It was a real love story.  Many of the adventures in the book were true-to-life and much like Jackie, I despaired of him and admired him at the same time.  One of the lessons I learned (among many) is that horses are often portrayed as more like vehicles with 4 legs than someone with emotions and needs and a will of their own.  Some horses can be cajoled (shall we say) into cooperating but Charlie could not.  He was always going to do exactly what he chose to do.  Later I knew another horse, Chick, who was ex--Army remuda, and just tough as nails.  His owner got him into international competition.  Or should I say Chick got Virginia there?  When I got my own horse, Spark, who couldn't be cajoled, I was ready for him.


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