Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apologies to Photoshop

It had to happen, didn't it?  I accused Photoshop...well of so many things and if the main one was fixed--ie some decent instructions, I wouldn't have to apologize later.  Remember (this is not a test, you will not be graded on this) when I said there should be a way to change the color in certain sections?

There is.  It's based on Adobe Logic, tho.    But simple!  You have to hand it to them, once you spend a couple months looking, it turns out to be a snap.  Be on a new layer.  You select with that quick selection tool.  Then make sure the color you want is the foreground color.  Go to edit>fill.  Click.  Done.

Obviously this is an old poster, stained and discolored.  I didn't spent vast amounts of time tweaking.  I'm going to use the image below for a vid I'm thinking of so I had to get rid of the text so I could put my own in.  It'll be visible for under 5 seconds so I don't think it requires the Vermeer treatment.  Perfect for my purpose.

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