Monday, May 3, 2010


Drives me nuts.  Adobe either thinks we all know how to use it or doesn't give a darn.  The program is crammed to the gills with the neatest bells and whistles for which there are absolutely no comprehensible instructions.  And that goes for even the easiest functions like how do you apply the crop function.  You click inside the image and if that doesn't work......?   What's wrong.  Three hours looking for a tutorial.

If you remember that rodeo hat I was struggling with, and then the magic wand thing, I couldn't make the cut-out thing/select image work.  I carved it out manually.  It's really lots easier than that.
The program--as you would expect a computer to be able to manage at least a little if a computer can get guys to the moon--can find the edges of an image if they're really obvious and just lift the thing.  Then you don't have to go back and clean up all the pixels like I did with another image for a very long afternoon last week.

This is actually a skill I need for a cover I'm thinking about.  Not with oranges, tho.  (Why this doesn't have a transparent background here--I don't know.  It has one everywhere else.)

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