Monday, May 17, 2010


I created a new cover for the ice cream parlor book.

I think it's better than the technicolor banana split.

I'm starting to love working with Photoshop--not the lack of instructions part, but the artistic capabilities it offers.  And I know next to nothing.

There are probably about 10 layers in this image.  Except for the chocolate splatters, I made the brushes myself.  I did the cherries, strawberries and soda jerk myself.  So I've made a lot of progress since struggling with the cowboy hat!

Small peanuts compared to Joe Konrath's news.  (Linked in the rightside column.)  He's going to be the first ever author published by Amazon's publishing arm, 6 weeks ahead of his dead-tree publisher.  This is confirmation that the tide is turning.

I remember quite a few years ago Microscoff had a commercial and the jingle was "The world will never be the same again."  Publishing will never be the same.

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