Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mercury Retrograde

Just when I realized we were in a Retrograde, today is the last day.  Phew.  Maybe now I can get somewhere with ...well everything.  Yesterday I suppose it was I uploaded a novel to kindle.  This morning amazon emailed to say that this book is in public domain and can I prove the author is dead.  I'm not dead.  I don't know how to prove it, though. 

I began listening to a quite old album by the Michael Schenker Group and it made me think about a book I wanted to write that no agents were interested in.  ("No one wants to read about women who are older than 35."  Oh, good to know, let me write that down for future reference.)  I called it Comforts and Joys for a while.  Now I have the right title after coming upon a really quite old song from the 30s.  I don't know how many women over 35 have Kindles or Nooks and such so maybe the niche market is minute.  I do wonder what I'll write next since there are so many compelling projects I have waiting and now that I don't have to pay heed to agents or editors and the issue of selling 20,000 copies isn't applicable.

Charles Grodin wrote a book called "It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here" in which he wondered how many fine performers were chased from show business because it's so cruel.  We wind up with the strongest egos not the best performers.  To extrapolate--how many wonderful books haven't been published or even written because it just too painful to press on.

I could say more but I won't.  Instead I will insert the beautiful mosaic from the Beit Alpha Synagogue in Israel.

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