Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mulvane, Kansas

Isn't this a stunning photo?

The year I lived in Kansas, Mulvane was the next town over.  It was quite a drive because the land is all cut up into sections and the roads follow those demarcations, pretty much everything is oriented to the compass points.
Our vet was in Mulvane.  Good guy.

I'm rebuilding the ice cream parlor cover, probably because I was disheartened by the book trailer for Disconnected.  I had a plan in mind and it was twice as long as it should have been, so the cuts began.  And persisted.  And it's still about 30 seconds long.  I could probably get away with that but then I'd have to redo the music.

Are book trailers worthwhile?  Yeah, they sure are if they're run on national TV.  If they're on youtube, not so much.  I suspect they wouldn't persuade many people to buy a book, but if someone was already on the fence, it might tip them over.

Here's the book trailer for the ice cream parlor.

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