Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year New Photoshop Hints

Some things can drive you nuts.  I don't want the hard way to do things, most of the time, I just want to get close.

Matte finish in Photoshop.  I don't see free actions for this but I see super super expensive actions--and I'm talking about $35!

What are we going to do about this?  I'm going to give you the shortcut. 

This was tweaked but that's not what this is about.  We just want matte.

Doesn't that satisfy you?  It works for me on this.  Yes, you can go take the original and throw a slight Gaussian blur on it.

What I did was make a image of a yellow that I liked, saved it.  Then placed it on top of the original and clicked the blending mode SOFT LIGHT.  That's it.  You can lighten the effect or not.  Or don't use the blending mode and just reduce the NORMAL mode's opacity.

Happy New Year's Gift.  Here's the texture I used.  Sure I could have put some actual texture on it but I didn't.  Feel free to do so.

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