Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Bling or Not To Bling

That is the question.
Whether it is nobler, and wiser, to give away stuff
in order for potential readers to show up
Or is it simply buying eyes who will clean up and move on,
Alas, Horatio, I don't have a clue on it.

I didn't know writers were giving away trinkets and what-all in order to...what, increase customer enthusiasm?  Traffic?  But I have been informed this has been going on for a long time, besides the bookmarks which are obsolete now, right?  It's not enough to give away free copies of your book, now you have to give away gift cards, bracelets, and even Kindles.

I used to make the cutest little vests for a tack shop in Wilton, CT.  I crocheted an applique of their logo, a horse, of course--I think I still have one in my trunk--so I'm no stranger to making stuff.

It was far too late to do anything for the current Bad Apple Tour but other events are coming up so I used the remainder of yarn from a vest I made myself a couple years ago and some leftover yarn from that Complete Idiots book I did.

I can't get past the feeling--is this serious?  What next?

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