Monday, December 31, 2012

Hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood Celebrities

Don't watch if language and Hollywood violence upsets you.  Although this should upset you but it's your choice.


Jim Self said...

Ain't it the truth.

I'm not a big gun control advocate, but when I see people, people who get paid millions every time they act a role that glorifies the use of a gun in vigilante justice, saying that we need to ban gun ownership, I want to politely ask them to exit the conversation. Except not politely.

Barb said...

Or they can go to a country with gun control laws that suit them. It's still a free country, they CAN leave, as they threaten to do continually.

Jim Self said...

Don't worry! Even though these ideas have failed everywhere else, we won't fail. Why? Because we're inherently better than those people. Of course!