Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Technology

I use a CRT for a monitor.  Yes, it's old technology but it's actually very good for photo editing.  Unfortunately it seems to be time to switch to digital.  My concern is that a new monitor will require a new computer.  It's all quicksand.  You install a better video card and then there's a cascade of requirements as everything wants to be upgraded.

So until I get that sorted out, I'll probably be away for a bit.

Let me just say something about ebooks, sales and Amazon.  Ebooks are the future.  Amazon is leading the way.  Sales slowed?  Hey people, the economy is crashing.  Some are either oblivious or in denial but that's the truth.  Whether people consciously know, as I do, or feel it, these are not the same days as 2009 or 2010.  People are not going to be spending freely.  Sure there are writers not feeling it.  Certain genres aren't feeling it (erotica or as I call it--porn).  There is also the issue of freebies which have glutted the marketplace so people don't need to buy in order to read.  Maybe they can't read what they want to but they can still read.

That's where we are.  I'm betting it's going to get worse for a long stretch although in a couple years things will improve financially.  (Yes, years, this isn't a joke, this is a big recession, this is a fundamental change to the country.)

So what can you do.  Actively seek out your niche audience.  How?  That's for you to figure out.
Write the best books you can for your audience.
Put more effort in than your competition.

Happy Holidays.

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