Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This was originally titled Will the Real Renie Lake Please Stand Up.  It was when that title made sense.  Now, of course, it really doesn't, so I changed it.  I did an extensive rewrite which it needed because I'm smarter now than I was then.   The original cover I liked then but don't any longer.  It was Renie standing in front of a window turned slightly to look at the audience and we can see her reflection in the glass--a girly girl, instead of the street-wise chick she's become.  It makes sense and obviously the artist read the book because he understood Renie's inability to determine who the new her was.  That confusion is fairly normal. 

I think it was always more about communication, though, since Jan is deaf and can "hear"/communicate and Renie is hearing and can't.  Maybe I titled it wrong!  The movie was called "Tough Girl" so that's completely in the wrong direction.  Unheard is the right title.

And now it has a new cover.  That has nothing to do with hearing, communication or toughness but the girl is really pretty!

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