Monday, October 22, 2012

CreateSpace as Time Suck

I'm sorry.  I wasted hours and hours of my life on a 72 page book so I'm not giving the process high marks.
It kept telling me the images inside weren't 300 DPI.  According to Photoshop they were, so who do I believe?  Photoshop.  I wound up deleting the image instead of rebuilding it a 3rd time.
It was unhappy with my fonts, they wanted them embedded.  I tried.  According to Word they were.
I went back and forth between Word and Open Office a number of times, just like every time I try to format anything for print.

Word is good in some ways and luckily in the ways that Word crashes and burns, Open Office makes it easy.
The final version was uploaded from Open Office because you can export into PDF and embed fonts that way.

Apparently this is worth it for some writers but it's not for me.

The cover took about 6 hours.  So if you pay someone to do this for you, hundreds of dollars is understandable.

If you super super want/need to see your work in print format, by all means satisfy the longing deep inside and do it.  If you have the money to spare, have someone do it for you. 

Otherwise it's a huge time suck and spending more time on sharpening up your Kindle offerings seems to be more practical.

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