Monday, October 8, 2012


I remade the covers for Ari & the Doctor and Inhibitions.  I spent a day running around looking for pipe for the heater before winter sets in and all kinds of other things pulling me in opposite directions.

Call it 2 years ago vampires were the most popular topic I could think of for ebooks.  Paranormal still sells really well.  Erotica has taken the lead and from the couple bits I've read it's not the old-style erotica, this is really graphic material.

A couple years ago I was researching erotica/girlie magazines/porn and up until the 1970's it was pleasant, gentle and not very graphic.  The girls in Playboy would tease but not be nude.  They were cute.  Then everything changed and became very gynecologic.  I suppose if that's what you grew up with, that's what you like and anything less seems tame.  It doesn't appeal to me and I have to wonder what's the next level.

If it's BDSM now, then does it become like Dune, where the bad guy had to have sex with the young slave with his heart plug removed?

Not my thing.  At all.

Flowers are always good.

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