Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things To Do When You're Stuck

You play around with Photoshop.

What some of us might realize is that digital publishing is growing and changing very rapidly.  What worked in 2009 doesn't work now.  We've gone through some incredible phases incredibly fast.  Even when Amanda Hocking first published her books, no one had ever made a million dollars on ebooks.  Now quite a few people have. 

Readers were so excited by digital books, they were glad to have them.  Now they're not so excited.

Now we have people trying to game the system,  Sock puppets and writing your own reviews.  Something about Harriet Klausner reviewing books before they're even available.  People copying Wikipedia articles and publishing them  If there's a quick buck to be made, someone will find a way to do it.

We'll get through this phase too. 

Keep writing.  Use spellcheck.  Be serious about your work.  Get the best covers you can.  Learn how to write a good blurb.  This is important.  It's not a plot summary, it's a sales tool.  Learn how to write a sharp, succinct
100 words or less hook about your book.

Great cover--makes people stop and click to your page.
Great blurb--intrigues and makes people read the sample
Great sample--makes people want to read the whole thing.

Do that and you'll be ready for the next phase. 

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