Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time Is Flowing Like a River

I've always loved The Alan Parsons Project.  As I was thinking about all the hours/days and yes even years I could be said to have been stalled because of tradpub, suddenly this song came to me.

Many years ago, Atheneum  was my publisher.  And, I know, unbelievably it was before computers or printers or copiers at home.  I needed to copy something so I went to my favorite town that had an office supply store.  That day I met a man I considered, for years,  my best friend.  Allen Atkinson was an illustrator.  He was so incredibly talented and creative.  We eventually worked together and it was perfect.  He would practically perform the scene and I would turn it into words.  We shared so much my husband at the time was irrationally jealous.  Allen and I both liked men.  We also loved Alan Parsons. 

Allen has been gone for many years now but I'm sure he would have been into computer animation and graphics and everything else.  He, too, was abused by tradpub, to some degree.  I'm sure he would have taken his career into his own hands and created unimaginable worlds the hacks in publishing can't fathom.

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