Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Low Maintenance review

I haven't done much (enough) to publicize my books but I did submit it to a review site, The Romance Reviews and today the review was published.   I couldn't ask for more.  The reviewer, Rho, is obviously astute and well-read! ;-)  In truth, Rho read the book carefully and understood it.  I'm grateful for that.  That the book was well-received is lovely.

I noticed that several other books received 5 stars and they were traditionally published.  2 weren't "tradpub" and received 4 stars.

What does this suggest to us?  The important issue is that it's perfectly possible to achieve the level (laughably easy one might say) tradpub insists can only be gotten thru a relationship with them.

I write and edit all my books, getting no outside input.  I create the covers myself.  I want it that way.  I want to sink or swim on my own.

It's true I've been doing this nearly all my entire adult life and am pretty good at it.  Writers just starting out might need some help or another perspective.  That's fine and they are encouraged to get all the assistance they need.  The goal is to be at the same level if not better than tradpub (laughably easy to achieve, for further illumination on this point check yesterday's post on cover art).

It's very nice to get a glowing review.  Thank you Carole and Rho.

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Marc Chagall

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