Monday, November 8, 2010

Love In The Air

This is the book I have coming out next year from Avalon.  It's about two people who fall in love while performing a World War I era show at an aerodrome.

Since I'm working on a couple of different projects right now, I don't want to take time away from them to do a mock-up cover for LITA for the blog.  I'll just say it wasn't what I would have done at all.  It's a romance, there's a  handsome flyboy in the book.  Why not feature him on the cover?  Women read these books and we should assume they like men.  It seems like a good choice.

First is their cover as the editor sent it to me last week.

Then there's an image I found a year ago that I thought would make a good cover.  It's what I can offer.

And then there's a really quick mock-up I did for my agent without a super handsome guy but a super good pilot, Cole Palen.

Maybe Avalon didn't have the budget for a male model.  There was a budget for a plane.  How about using a plane from the book, ie the plane the character flew, a Fokker Dreidecker.  Which was red and would have shown up a lot better (on a baby blue background???).  I don't understand their choices.  Neither did my agent.

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