Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It

Or what did they feel and when did they know it.

It's always good to check in on your characters.  What did they know about themselves and the situation in a particular scene.  Be able to expound on that in detail.  Sometimes it's difficult because we are treated to shallow emotions and responses in television and films all the time.  Life becomes a plot point for lazy writers or those who do not have much life-experience to draw upon.

Let's talk about the photo I took yesterday.  It's only cropped not Photoshopped.  The foreground is moderately interesting.  I like the blue and green, I like the movement of the water.  But your eye is drawn forcefully to the light rocks on the bank.  There the water is still.  Because there is a horizontal line moving across the image, your eye is quickly drawn to the right side of the photo into the darker foliage.

We need to see life in a deeper, more layered way.  It's there.  We're not.

Back to the Cider book.

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