Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Bad Apple

I was going to call the story One Lost Soul.  The man who murdered my acquaintance said that in his confession.
He referred to both himself and his victim as lost souls.  Or he was the victim or the perpetrator was the victim.  It was incredibly messy.  I probably was the only one who was trying to sort through the layers of emotion--that's not the province of the police, or his friends, or his sister.  Why was this murder committed?   It just was, isn't a very good answer.  Joe was sent to prison for 45 years for felony murder.  In the course of robbing the victim, Joe murdered him.  The end.  There was too much information in the house, in the possessions of the victim to not see the root of the murder was not in the minor theft of a television set and an older pickup truck and the victim simply got in the way.  There was more to it than that.  I do agree with you, Joe.  You were both lost souls.

I think this is the cover.

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