Monday, September 27, 2010

Agents Redux

I started out in books.  Then I got into television.  Then I went back to books.

After television, agents would read my work and say it sounded "soapy".  Initially, I think that was true.  I picked up some bad habits.  But I watched myself very carefully and rid myself of the tics.  The complaints remained.
Then I took a chance and removed my television credits from my resume.  Then no one ever complained I wrote "soapy".  When I put it back, I was "soapy" again.  So for many years I left off a substantial and impressive chunk of my resume.  I was one of the youngest headwriters of a network daytime serial ever.  I didn't dare say that because it would be held against me.  How crazy is that?

The exact same thing happened with my novels.  If my YA credits were on my resume, then my adult books sounded like kid's books.  If I deleted those credits--you got it, no complaints.

I'll give you another problem I faced.  If I used all my credits from the beginning of my career, my writing was dated, I wasn't "with it".  Hint: I was too old to be viable.  If I removed the early books, then I was plenty hip.

Not only am I thrilled with the opportunity to do ebooks on my own, I derive satisfaction from watching tradpub struggling.  One reason it's struggling is that I am only one of many authors who were treated dismissively over the years and we're gone.  Apparently other writers are just as ticked off as I am.  All you have to do is read Joe Konrath's blog for confirmation of that.

So now you don't know how old I am or where I've been or what I've done.  Unless you are clever enough to come here on a regular basis.  In a digital world all the matters is the document in front of you in the Kindle Store.

I like it!

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