Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lost Romance

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.  Sublime.


Someone I know (kinda) went to a seminar about self-publishing and many of the luminaries were there.

Make your name big on the cover.
Some people are reticent about this ie if you're not famous don't be so loud.
If my name has been small it's because I don't want text spread all over the image, then you have a clutter but I'm going to give it a whirl till the end of the year or I come up with something else to do.

Subtitle it.  Nothing Serious: A Romantic Comedy. 
I've heard Amazon isn't wild about that but I haven't heard they've threatened anyone over it yet.

Any word that is in your “Search Inside” segment will pop up on search engines.
Does that simplify life or what?  I don't see that it's done anything for me one way or another but it's good to know.   Since this came from someone at Amazon, we have to assume it's true and worthwhile to pay attention to what's in the first pages of the book.

Createspace wasn't mentioned and I'm on the fence about that one.  Some people love it.  Dream Horse does sell some books each month.  Murder is Exhausting never does.  You have to guess/figure out if it's worth the time and effort to bother.  It's not hard to earn the money back, but it can be like working for pennies an hour.

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