Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Ask, Just Assume

Yes, covers again.

I spent hours with a hat.  Did you know Photoshop has this great tool called Magic Wand?  It will seek out the edge to an object if it's really obvious.  So the hat was on a black background and since I spent about 6 hrs yesterday trying to figure out (unsuccessfully) how to make a background transparent, I knew I had to either cut away the black or repaint it.  The automatic switch colors refused to work in any of the 3 programs, so finally there was a Magic Wand.  "Arresto Momentum!"  Yeah, the Magic Wand was full of tree lice and didn't work.  Back to Corel Draw and do everything by hand, predictably, in a way that doesn't guarantee admittance to the local psych ward.

I spent hours trying to import Photoshop brushes into Corel.  Only to find ink splats hidden in the list.

Quite a few years ago when Multimate became defunct, I got a new computer and Word was installed.  For 6 months I struggled with it until I finally expressed my distress to my pal, Dona Meilach, a computer maven.  She said Corel's Word Perfect was very elegant and well thought out.  I used WP happily until circumstances forced me to switch to Open Office two years ago.  Word Perfect still has an elegance Word can't conceive of and is beyond OO's ken.  I will say the same for Corel's Draw Suite.  It's well thought out, very user friendly to the point where if it detects you're struggling too long a hints box will pop up to help.  And costs a third of Photoshop.

Here's the cover.

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